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Response # 1: It’s Simple, the Art of Blogging

Posted on: January 27, 2009

It’s not rocket science, actually it’s Real Simple. I’m talking about blogging. You log on, type a few words, post and instantly you are connected to millions.

In and of itself blogging is the answer to so many issues. It’s a way to give the consumer power; its the way to talk directly with your public and circumvent traditional media; its the way to give your company a human “face.” It’s also a way to market yourself or your product or it’s simply a way to express yourself.  Yossi Vardi says, “Blogging is Word of Mouth on Steroids” and I agree. BUT HOW DO YOU DO IT RIGHT?

I’m not one for rules, especially with blogging because it seems in direct opposition to what the advent of the blog is- a freeing mechanism that gives people the power to say whatever they want. But after having a personal blog for about two years with an average readership of two or three people, I guess it’s time for me to listen.

In the book Naked Conversations, the authors, Scoble and Isreal give a multitude of blogging tips for “Doing it Right.”

1. Keep it Simple 2. Keep it focused 3. Show Authority 4. Be Accessible 5. Be Linky, etc. But the two most important pieces of advice on how to make a blog successful are:



1. BE CONSISTENT. Although the average readership of my blog is about two or three. There have been times when my comment wall was inundated with new commentors. A post had sparked a great dialogue and praise from people who liked my site. They would comment, “Great post! I will add you to my blog roll and visit often.” Then, I would disappear. I would not get the urge to write again for weeks to a month at a time. Then, I would log back on after being hit with a great idea for a post and wait and wait for comments. But of course, my commentors were gone. After noticing my blogs inactivity, they had moved on. To create a successful blog is a hustle and it takes work. Debng wrote an article for beginning bloggers at http://performancing.com/before-you-begin-blogging-a-few-things-you-should-know.  In it he explained “It takes time, patience and trust to build up an audience. It’s not enough to sit back and hope they show up.” So once they do, don’t loose them.

2. TELL A STORY. Once they get to your blog, what makes them stay? An interesting post with interesting comments. One of my favorite blogs is from a writer who works at a Time Warner magazine. Probably because she is a writer at heart, her blog posts are filled with stories that are written so eloquently they read like fiction. Everyday I log on just to get my daily dose. But just because you’re not a writer doesn’t mean your posts shouldn’t be just as exciting. Scoble and Isreal wrote, “This may be less dramatic, but the greatest number of people and companies blogging wrong are guilty of no crime greater than being dull,” p162. So tell a story and be exciting and hopefully people will stick around to see what you are going to write next.


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