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Response # 2: The World of Vblogs

Posted on: February 4, 2009

Today was my first foray into the online world of podcasts and vblogs (video blogs). At first I didn’t understand the significance of them. To me, they were basically forms of radio and television that are accesible from your computer screen.True, it speaks to the synergy of modern media technology, but what else? What makes them special?

Then, I made it over to www.rocketboom.com. Each day, they upload an episode chronicling internet culture. It is satirical and extremely humurous. I actually laughed out loud when I watched today’s post http://www.rocketboom.com/rb_09_feb_03/. It reminds me of the John Stewart Show in that it’s “News With a Twist.”

Aside from Vblogs and podcasts that are for pure entertainment value, one can also stay current on political and social issues with the numerous podcasts found on itunes and/or the internet. Some of the most popular podcasts include President Obama’s Weekly Address, The Economist, and National Public Radio.

Vblogs and Podcasts are yet another vehicle that encourages self-expression and makes it accesible to the masses. Start a vblog or a podcast and instead of simply writing about your experiences for others, you can literally “Show Them.” In todays world where few people take the time to read anything anymore, a podcast allows them to listen while they work, or sit and watch at lunch or after a long day. All you need is the right technology and, like blogs, you are instantly connected.

In the corporate environment podcasts and vblogs can be used as yet another marketing tool or as a way to keep your public consistantly informed. President Obama is once again thinking progressively in his use of technology. His weekly address is the number one podcast on itunes. Corporations and government agencies would be wise to follow his lead to maintain an open corporate environment and encourage consumer understanding and feedback.


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