Japera’s World

Response 5: The Long Tail

Posted on: February 24, 2009

I love reading celebrity gossip, especially about black Hollywoood and the drama in urban music. Everyday, I log on to a major collection of websites; concreteloop, bossip, and ybf, that carry the “news” I so desire. This urban celebrity gossip definitely reaches a niche market that interests a relatively small number of consumers. However, in total, these websites receive hundreds if not thousands of viewers each day. This is an example of the long tail that the rise of internet technology has created. Although not mainstream, the rise in social media vehicles has allowed for those who are interested in lesser known movie and music stars to get their fill of daily gossip as well.

The long tail has also allowed me to expand my other hobbies into the online world. These include the music that I am able to download on itunes as well as the numerous movies I am able to view on my computer. Altough the movies may not have been hits at the box office recently, users online can share links of good movies of the past as well as lesser known movies out today that the mainstream media overlooks. Not only do these sites allow users to share the links but communicate with each other by writing reviews, creating playlists, and participating in movie discussions.

In addition to movies and music I am also able to watch television shows online. While one show has a specified time slot that it pays for each day or each week when broadcasting on the television, this is not so online. Networks like MTV, NBC and the CW can place all their content for their programming online all at once. This allows viewers to watch numerous episodes in one sitting. By placing their shows online, networks are able to draw in new fans and are not restricted by the common restraints of telvision broadcasting such time and money.


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