Japera’s World

Response 6: my dirty little secret

Posted on: March 3, 2009


My dirty little secret is that I love watching the teen show “Gossip Girl” that comes on the CW channel every Monday night. Never mind that I may be too old to be enjoying this program. Regardless, I watch it religiously and if i do happen to miss an episode, I simply wait until Thursday or Friday when it appears online at the cwtv.com (yes, i know when it uploads).

So, when an advertisement popped up on the screen that read, “join the world of gossip girl,” i immediately looked into it. In the end it happened to be a promotion for a Second Life account. In the game you are able to create your own avatar and dress him/her up in the most fashion-forward clothing and frequent all the places and parties that the ritzy characters on the tv show do.  There is even a weekly party/to-do list; for example “Serena spotted at a festival in Central Park on Monday.”

After logging in and playing for about 2-4 times I completely lost interest, never playing it again. The whole premise is that ‘it’s a whole world in there and you can be whoever you want to be.” But in reality, you are investing so much time into this FAKE world that you are losing out on the equally fun things  in the real world. Played in moderation, however, this game can be fun. But i must warn you, to be cautous because many people in the virtual world take it seriously, even investing thousands of dollars into their profiles and companies and profiting from virtual sales.


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