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RESPONSE: Delicious.com

Posted on: March 24, 2009


So I activated a twitter account one night in class. One of my classmates uses twitter religiously. So, I logged on and started following her. She was one of only three friends I had. Weeks went by and I just didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the purpose of Twitter. I guess it was because most of my friends weren’t using it. But then I started following Diddy. Yes, the music mogul P.Diddy who is always a character and great for a laugh. He uses twitter to give his friends/fans an inside look into his life. He updates his feed constantly and it’s as if we really know what he is like and what he is going through daily.

One of my classmates posted an article about Diddy and his twitter feed on Delicious. The article, entitled “News: Diddy Kicks off P.Twitty” was hilarious. I was extremely excited because, as I explained before, I am now a bonafied follower of P.Diddy on Twitter. I felt proud that I was “in the know” and up-to-date on what’s “hot” in social media. I mean, if Diddy is using it, it must be. The article explains that Diddy is now posting video twitters. Let me explain. Twitter allows users to post short status messages that feed directly to their friends. These status messages can be updated instantaneously from your phone or the web. So, P.Twittys are short video blasts that are uploaded every 30 minutes. His first video twitter was about 2 minutes long. What an ingenious idea. Diddy’s video twitters are analogous to what vblogs did to blogging. Video twitters and a site devoted directly to hosting short video blasts may be the next big thing. Especially since everyone now has a camera phone.

So now that I am a somewhat experienced– read novice–twitterer (i’m sorry; is that the correct verbiage?) I am completely “down” for video twitters. I rarely post updates on my twitter page but i’m working on it. So, come find me over in the Twitter world.


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