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Facebook Again: Response to classmates blog

Posted on: April 1, 2009


You know. Little by little, i’m am starting to use facebook less and less.  My classmate “A” recently wrote a blog about Facebook’s new facelift. “A” is upset because facebook make new formatting changes…. AGAIN!!. The old me would have been annoyed. The last time facebook made formatting changes the online community of users were in uproar. Personally, I didn’t invest enough of my emotions in it to get truly upset but just agitated at the fact that I had to figure out how to use it again.

Now that the formatting changes have occured again. The front page looks like a twitter feed among other small changes which honestly, I really don’t know about. I mean, I know they’re there, but I don’t have the energy to be bothered by them in the least this time around. This just gives me another reason to disregard facebook more and more.

What I can sympathize with “A” about is that they should have informed people. A simple “heads up” would have sufficed. Is it really that difficult? For those people who really CARE, that would have eased a lot of turmoil. On another note though, maybe Facebook was trying to avoid the drama from the last change by simply trying to ease the changes in overnight. Can you imagine the negative feedback that would have stirred if Facebook but an alert on the main page that said “New Facebook formatting changes will take place tommorow at 12am.” It would not have been have been pretty.

Alas, I digress. Facebook is just not what it used to be. I NEED to be more on LinkedIn anyway, making as many connections as possible. The only thing I think I will continue to use “the book” for to view new pictures that are uploaded, to add to people to ask to be my “friend,” or to respond to a wall message; all of which can be done from my crackberry which alerts me when one of these comes through.

Sorry Zuckerberg, I’m close to turning in my membership card. However, I wish you the best of luck with your other numerous users and your millions? of dollars debt in servers.


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