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Response: The Wiki Experience

Posted on: April 1, 2009

So, Wikipedia scares me! I don’t know why and it’s almost embarrassing to admit. lol. But every time I thought about it my task to add some content to one of the pages my mind yelled “oh goodness…here we go.” I couldn’t wait till it was over before it even began!!

This project for my social media class required me to update or make an addition to a page on wikipedia. Not only was I required to edit the page but I also had to learn and use wiki culture correctly. I think that is what frightened me the most — the wiki culture. To me, it felt like the first time I ordered coffee at Starbucks (stay with me.  This will make sense). Before my first visit, I was always a little afraid to order because ordering Starbucks Coffee was like using a different language. I didn’t want to be that girl in line who didn’t know anything while people behind me became annoyed at my ignorance as they waited for their much needed morning cup. I mean, what was a venti skim mocha extra foam frap with whip? I JUST DIDN’T KNOW. lol.  So, I avoided it until my friend helped me order the perfect drink and now i’m hooked. I was afraid of getting chewed out and doing it incorrectly. This was the same feeling I had with the wiki project.

My classmate informed us of her experience editing a page of wikipedia and the “editing Nazi’s” that chewed her out for her thoughts and additions. They were rude and even erased her edits.  They blasted what they believed to be her “stupidity” all around the Internet. While hearing this in class my brain started screaming again “OH GOODNESS… here we go.” That made me more nervous and brought back flashbacks of my Starbucks visions. The Wiki editors were going to eat me alive!


It wasn’t that bad. I’M FINISHED!!! However, I don’t think I want to do it again. LOL. I picked a simple page and a subject that I knew a lot about on purpose. I think it was just right for my first try. I even went as far as to insert a table, formatting and all. I’m really proud of that! Anyway, that was my experience with wikipedia. Thanks for the memories.


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