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Enough with this Chris/RiRi… But here are my two cents!

Posted on: April 8, 2009

My classmate wrote about the Chris Brown and Riri situation a couple of weeks ago… when people were still interested. Since the first report at the Grammy’s, the media whirlwind has been crazy and it has not died down since. We can barely read the daily celebrity blogs (he he) without seeing their pictures flash up.

At first it was beginning to die down and then this guy is seen riding a jet ski in miami lacking any signs of remorse. Then, when we finally think we are going to have a break, the rumors of them getting back together/married and Rihanna having a baby sparked more disucssions. Now, over in the blogosphere sites post pictures of Riri ‘looking depressed’ or ‘smoking in barbados’. COME ON. To top it off Chris pleaded not guilty on all charges.  I’m so over the specifics of this case but I have been wanting to address one thing with all of this. Here it goes!

While I do not know the specifics of the case NOR DO I CONDONE a man hitting a woman. I DO NOT CONDONE a women hitting a man either. I don’t. I look at them exactly the same and the double standard here makes me SICK! My friend shared with me a story of a man who had a physically abusive wife. Every time she attacked him he would call the police so they could take her to jail but they would just laugh at him and say “you can’t control your wife?”  He called upwards of six times/incidents and they finally arrested her mostly because they were annoyed at the constant calls.  SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED THE FIRST TIME. If this situation was reversed he would have been held overnight after the first call.

I say all that to say, it has been generally known that Rihanna has hit Chris Brown too; although I hear (hearsay) that his bruises were on his body and not on his face. Regardless, what makes me mad is that Chris Brown is standing trail while Rihanna is in Barbados. Rihanna should be standing trial too. Both of them are emotional/physical abusers and both should pay. I’m tired of all this onesided Rihanna sympathy. I’m sympathetic and disgusted at both of them. SMH. They need help!

*I was going to post up a picture but they don’t deserve the pub.

The End


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