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RESPONSE: Been around the world

Posted on: April 8, 2009

jamaica_flag_t_shirt-p235335318632250238qnzc_4002Hello World!

An extremely busy day looms ahead of me. I’m heading out of town  (I won’t tell you where). But before I jump on that plane to a new destination I’m going to share with you my thoughts.

I love to travel. I’m planning two trips, back to back and although they’re costing me a pretty penny I believe experiences are far more valuable. My second trip is to the Bahamas for my best friends graduation gift.

With all this talk about travel it was timely that my grad school professor asked us to visit Global Voices Online. Global Voices is a collection of blogs from contributors all around the world. I choose to investigate the Jamaican blogosphere. It was interesting visiting a different world online but still very much the same. The bloggers were talking about many of the same issues that we discuss on America’s blog sites. Topics included, the US financial crisis and the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama. Many of the articles focused on the Caribbean in general, not just the island of Jamaica and therefore explains the relevance to American issues. Many Caribbean islands are American countries or subsidiaries very close ties. If I had chosen to investigate Japan, for example, I may have found something completely different.

What I do like about Global Voices is that its blog roll contains snippets of articles from blogs of other Jamiaican contributors. While Global Voices in more “newsy” these linked blogs  give me a more fulfilling taste of Jamaican culture. These bloggers infuse their dialect in the written language which really makes me feel like I’m reading a Jamaican blog instead of an American blog.  One of the Jamaican blogs I really enjoyed was Marlon James: Among Other Things.  He is a Jamaican writer who now resides in the U.S.  Although his writing is not infused with a surreptitious amount of dialect, his discussions (what should you do if you discover your favorite author was racist) are insightful and thought provoking.

All in all, a great discovery. You should check it out.


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