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Posted on: April 14, 2009

Oh my. No disrespect to all the men serving over seas but I have just never got into it following the WAR. A couple of my friends served over in Iraq for a couple of tours but that was the extent to which I associated myself with the troops.  However, after reading  Michael Yon’s blog I felt like I was getting the inside scoop on not just the war but the fraternity that is the Marines, soldiers, Airman, and Navy.

Yes, it seems a little crazy that we as civilians are able to get access to the front lines via the blogosphere. It seems like that information would be “classified.”  Alas, it is not and anyone can read about the Jingo trucks and how the troops used dogs to find the enormous amount of explosives hidden within. Still, I’m glad we have insight into the front lines as long as it doesn’t comprise their tactics, our safety, or their missions. For someone who didn’t really research this area before, it was like opening a can of worms that can’t wait to be released.

As I explained above, the area I was most interested in was how each segment of the armed forces viewed their units and their position in the war. My interest was peaked when Michael Yon stated the hierarchy of service men in relation to the bomb detection dogs. He said, ” it is humorous for everyone to see that the dogs get treated even better than Air Force personnel, who are treated 2x better than soldiers, who are treated 5x better than Marines.  That means bomb dogs are treated at least 10x better than Marines.” Questions began to pop up in my head. “What makes soldiers better than Marines in MY’s opinion?” Why is each group treated differently even while they work side-by-side in foreign countries. I began searching the internet to find my answer. There is an unofficial hierarchy but it seems each group judges it differently. I will not begin to espouse any type of position on this blog because I will be the first to admit I know very little about all of them but there was one group that intrigued me the most, the Marines. Even though MY suggested the Marines got treated the worst; the pride that Marines have for the Corp is far beyond anything I have ever seen. This system reminds me 100 percent of the pride inherent in National Pan-hellenic fraternal organizations. Each have a separate history and rituals that make them prideful of their organization but all NPHC organizations work together towards a common good. I have begun reading a discussion board about the difference between Marines and Soldiers. I have interrupted my reading to share my thoughts with you on what I found but now that I have written this blog, I have some more reading to do!!!!


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