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RESPONSE: Presidential Campaign 2012: What it will take to win!

Posted on: April 22, 2009

Key to winning the 2012 election will be a campaigners that understand three things.

1) Recognizing that immediacy and directness is number 1. With the rise of the internet and web 1.0, immediacy became the number one effect. People no longer had to wait for the newspaper to arrive before hearing about a breaking story or wait for the 5pm news. News sites could post information within minutes. With web 2.0, not only did the necessity for immediacy in news and ideas continue to grow as bloggers began adding to the conversation but the ability for directness grew as well. Today’s web culture allows for an immediate response to criticism, ideas, and information and people are beginning to expect it. For example, during the 2008, Barack Obama was hit with numerous smears and fallacies about his ethnic background, whether he was American, and his policies. Because of the web 2.0 culture, he was Immediately and Directly able to refute those fallacies by posting the facts about his positions on his website and blogs. He didn’t need to use commercials to clarify his position, as were most popular in the 2000 and 2004 elections, which always turn out looking shady. No, he simply uploaded the facts and viola. People want answers and they want answers now. Case closed.

2) Recognizing that democracy and “The People” now reside on the World Wide Web. When the GOP initially refused to participate in a YouTube debate, Americans were offended. Why? Because that’s where The People were. They were on the internet. By refusing a YouTube debate, the GOP was in fact shunning 79.3 million potential voters. As explained in Garrett Graff’s “The First Campaign,” when the DNC hosted its first YouTube debate, it was like watching democracy in action. YouTubers videoed in with questions directly addressing the candidates. Cancer victims asked about health care, families who had lost loved ones in Iraq asked about the end of the war, gay and lesbian couples asked when they would be able to marry. The candidates could not muddle the answers because the questions were so direct. Their responses likewise needed to be direct and immediate (point #1). As our internet culture progresses, this will continue to be an important factor for our candidates.

3) Using the tools that people are using. By 2012, new social media tools and technology will be here. As Moore’s law states. Every two years, technology becomes twice as fast and 1/2 as cheap. During the 2008 election, the most successful campaigners were proficient in using today’s most popular social media sites including YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and Blogs. Four years prior, most of these sites were just getting started or simply ideas on the table. But during the election, campaigners who did not use or appreciate these social mediums recognized all to soon what a fatal error in judgement they were making. It goes back to point number two, these social media tools are where the PEOPLE are. So, in 2012, regardless of what new technology arises between now and then, smart candidates will research and put to use the new social media tools that American’s are using.


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