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You know. Little by little, i’m am starting to use facebook less and less.  My classmate “A” recently wrote a blog about Facebook’s new facelift. “A” is upset because facebook make new formatting changes…. AGAIN!!. The old me would have been annoyed. The last time facebook made formatting changes the online community of users were in uproar. Personally, I didn’t invest enough of my emotions in it to get truly upset but just agitated at the fact that I had to figure out how to use it again.

Now that the formatting changes have occured again. The front page looks like a twitter feed among other small changes which honestly, I really don’t know about. I mean, I know they’re there, but I don’t have the energy to be bothered by them in the least this time around. This just gives me another reason to disregard facebook more and more.

What I can sympathize with “A” about is that they should have informed people. A simple “heads up” would have sufficed. Is it really that difficult? For those people who really CARE, that would have eased a lot of turmoil. On another note though, maybe Facebook was trying to avoid the drama from the last change by simply trying to ease the changes in overnight. Can you imagine the negative feedback that would have stirred if Facebook but an alert on the main page that said “New Facebook formatting changes will take place tommorow at 12am.” It would not have been have been pretty.

Alas, I digress. Facebook is just not what it used to be. I NEED to be more on LinkedIn anyway, making as many connections as possible. The only thing I think I will continue to use “the book” for to view new pictures that are uploaded, to add to people to ask to be my “friend,” or to respond to a wall message; all of which can be done from my crackberry which alerts me when one of these comes through.

Sorry Zuckerberg, I’m close to turning in my membership card. However, I wish you the best of luck with your other numerous users and your millions? of dollars debt in servers.


I had one of those mornings that you only see in the movies.

I parked my car at the metro parking garage and began walking down to the subway station. By some coincidence, I happened to look at the back of my stockings. EEEK! To my surprise I had four or five runs creeping up the back of my leg. I ran back to the car and contemplated stripping out of my tights even though it was barely 40 degrees outside and I had on peep-toe pumps without any nail polish (a definite no no). After baring down I walked back to the metro station attempting to ignore the stares of other commuters who were obviously thinking “Is she crazy, it is not that warm outside.” Finally, the doors open and I opt to sit at the seat behind a glass barrier to hide my bare legs.

30 minutes later I finally make it to my stop and immediately began searching for a CVS downtown. I have to find some tights ASAP! I call my office because by this time I am more than 5 minutes late and ask for directions to the closest CVS. Brenda gives me some very sketchy directions to a CVS supposedly around the corner and I start off in search of it. After two or three blocks of searching without any success I decide it’s time to ask someone.

“Those are some pretty legs.”

Shoot!!! It’s the homeless man sitting outside the coffee shop drawing attention to me. I say thank you politely and attempt to move on but CAN YOU BELIEVE this man starts yelling after me shouting more “compliments.”

Ignoring him I finally spot a woman to ask directions.

“The CVS that was up this street is no longer open,” she says. “The closest CVS is on 8th and E.” I am on 5th and G. The CVS is three blocks up and two blocks over. SIGH. I turn back around and trek up the street. Once again ignoring the stares while my toes begin to freeze (remember, I am wearing peep-toe pumps).

“Those are some pretty legs.” It’s him again. “I would love, I mean do anything to sleep with those legs…….…..”

Finally, I make it to the CVS and find the perfect pair of jet-black, smooth tights. They feel great. After I purchase them I ask if there is a restroom for customers. Of course there isn’t. I head back up the street and spot a Starbucks. As I pass I remember all Starbucks have a restroom. I head straight towards it. LOCKED. Restrooms are for Starbucks customers only. So, I purchase a white chocolate mocha and grab the key. I change into my tights before leaving and throw all the extra materials I am carrying such as the CVS bag, receipt, newspaper, etc. into the trash.

Finally, I head back to my job, three blocks up and two blocks over. By this time35 minutes have passed. “Not too bad,” I say to myself while sipping my white mocha. Dang, the barrister forgot the whipped cream. Oh well. Once I reach the front of my building I search for my ID badge. Hmmm, it’s not in my pocket and definitely not in my hand. “Gosh, please don’t do this to me.” It’s not in my purse either. Just GREAT! Maybe I threw it away with the newspaper. So I head back to Starbucks….. three blocks up and two blocks over.

On the way back I take a glimpse in the dark window of the building next to me and see my reflection. Dangnabit! Are you kidding me, my hair has frizzed on the right side of my head and the right side ONLY (It is rainy and humid outside, while still being cold). I washed my hair last night and woke up extra early to flat iron it…. For nothing!!!

I make it back to the Starbucks, grab the key and dig (I mean literally, into the trash can). Nada but I do find the receipt to CVS. It has the business number on it. I grab my cell out my bag and dial…. automated. I press all the wrong options and it takes me three tries to finally reach someone. It’s there!!! Finally, a break! I head up the block back to CVS and grab my ID.

I exit CVS and begin my trek, 3 blocks down and two blocks over. It is now 9:00am. Searching for my tights took one hour. I make it my cube and plop into my seat.

“It’s Jay,” I say to my boss. “You would not believe my morning. I will come down there to tell you all about it but I just called to let you know I’m in.”



So I activated a twitter account one night in class. One of my classmates uses twitter religiously. So, I logged on and started following her. She was one of only three friends I had. Weeks went by and I just didn’t get it. I didn’t understand the purpose of Twitter. I guess it was because most of my friends weren’t using it. But then I started following Diddy. Yes, the music mogul P.Diddy who is always a character and great for a laugh. He uses twitter to give his friends/fans an inside look into his life. He updates his feed constantly and it’s as if we really know what he is like and what he is going through daily.

One of my classmates posted an article about Diddy and his twitter feed on Delicious. The article, entitled “News: Diddy Kicks off P.Twitty” was hilarious. I was extremely excited because, as I explained before, I am now a bonafied follower of P.Diddy on Twitter. I felt proud that I was “in the know” and up-to-date on what’s “hot” in social media. I mean, if Diddy is using it, it must be. The article explains that Diddy is now posting video twitters. Let me explain. Twitter allows users to post short status messages that feed directly to their friends. These status messages can be updated instantaneously from your phone or the web. So, P.Twittys are short video blasts that are uploaded every 30 minutes. His first video twitter was about 2 minutes long. What an ingenious idea. Diddy’s video twitters are analogous to what vblogs did to blogging. Video twitters and a site devoted directly to hosting short video blasts may be the next big thing. Especially since everyone now has a camera phone.

So now that I am a somewhat experienced– read novice–twitterer (i’m sorry; is that the correct verbiage?) I am completely “down” for video twitters. I rarely post updates on my twitter page but i’m working on it. So, come find me over in the Twitter world.

Since the forming of wikis, the age old debate has been, “should we trust them or ‘expert’ sources more?”

In truth both wikis and the older trusted sources are both needed in our web 2.0 society and provide, in my opinion, two distinctly different information services. Wikis are used to gather a lot of preliminary research about a plethora of of diverse topics. It is easily accessible and organizes the information in an easy to understand format and simple writing style. Studies have even show that most of the content in wikis are just as accurate as more credible mediums.

“Expert” sources are important when the topic requires further research and even at that point, one “expert” source is not sufficient. Rather, in order to accumulate the most accurate and representative girth of information, multiple expert sources are required. The “down side” of these reference mediums are that they are not readily available and accessible to everyone. Plenty of these resources even require payment to access, in affect limiting knowledge to only those who can afford it. These sources are also written in scholarly language making it more difficult for the common man or even children to understand.

The wiki system already have in place to verify accuracy of content is commendable. As discussed in my social media class, most errors on Wikipedia are fixed expediently because, in essence, everyone is an author and everyone is an editor. Therefore, my theory on the question “how can wikis be better set up to maintain accuracy” is… why fix what’s not broken?

“Should it be open to everyone or just verified experts?”
Allowing only verified experts to produce content defeats the purpose of what a wiki is. Further, experts currently have mediums to showcase and share their research. These mediums include, scholarly journals, encyclopedias, and trade publications  name a few. My opinion on this matter is “leave wikis well enough alone. They aren’t stepping on any toes because even with the advent of wiki technology “Expert” reference sources will always have a place in the academic and social world.


CAREER FAIR On Monday, March 23rd, the Washington Wizards will present the Sports and Entertainment Career Fair. This Fair will give you the chance to meet with representatives from the best sports & entertainment companies in the Washington, DC area! Companies will be looking to fill full-time, part-time, and internship positions. The career fair will take place at Verizon Center from 2:00-4:30pm, each ticket costs $25 which includes admission to the career fair and an upper level ticket to the Wizards vs. Bulls game that night at 7pm! Click here to purchase tickets.

I think I may actually go to this. I can go on my lunch break. Anyone who know me knows that I am desperatly seeking an “in” in the field of entertainment PR. I’m at a crossroads in my professional life right now and deciding whether to pursue my Teach for America contract or follow my passion in media and entertainment. This is a big decision and I have yet to make it. Currently, I am working on both, studying like CRaZY for the Praxis Teaching Certification exam, and networking, searching and applying for jobs/internships. This is all while in graduate school, working full time, completing my Kiamsha responsibilities and church. Whew! The ball game at 7pm sounds nice. I think I will go by myself. It’s in the upper seats and I will get some popcorn and go after work. I work right next to the verizon center. I am literally looking out my window at huge poster of Gilbert A. right now. And I don’t have any commitments on Monday night, except Kiamsha, which I can miss.

I’m thinking about taking a board position at Teens Express – its a non-profit organization that works to foster the artistic creativity and skills of youth interested in performing arts. Thats cool. I mean I have done my share of performing in plays like “Our Town” “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” “Peter Pan” and of course “Kiamsha” and singing has always been my thing. The only thing I can’t do is dance, and thats funny because i’ve been dancing from the age of 4 all the way through senior year of high school.

But anyway Teens Express is similar in nature to Rush Philanthropic, which is dedicated to providing disadvantaged urban youth with significant arts exposure, access and education as well as providing exhibition opportunities to early and mid-career artists and artists of color. Rush Philanthropic believes that if you give young people the opportunity to practice and appreciate art—whether poetry, music, dance or the visual arts—you will see lives transformed. Rush Philanthropic was founded by the Simmons Bros (Russell, Joe and Danny). I would LOVE to work there as well. It would be working in my field but in a positive, uplifting area. I’m at lunch right now so i’ll holla at yall later.


My dirty little secret is that I love watching the teen show “Gossip Girl” that comes on the CW channel every Monday night. Never mind that I may be too old to be enjoying this program. Regardless, I watch it religiously and if i do happen to miss an episode, I simply wait until Thursday or Friday when it appears online at the cwtv.com (yes, i know when it uploads).

So, when an advertisement popped up on the screen that read, “join the world of gossip girl,” i immediately looked into it. In the end it happened to be a promotion for a Second Life account. In the game you are able to create your own avatar and dress him/her up in the most fashion-forward clothing and frequent all the places and parties that the ritzy characters on the tv show do.  There is even a weekly party/to-do list; for example “Serena spotted at a festival in Central Park on Monday.”

After logging in and playing for about 2-4 times I completely lost interest, never playing it again. The whole premise is that ‘it’s a whole world in there and you can be whoever you want to be.” But in reality, you are investing so much time into this FAKE world that you are losing out on the equally fun things  in the real world. Played in moderation, however, this game can be fun. But i must warn you, to be cautous because many people in the virtual world take it seriously, even investing thousands of dollars into their profiles and companies and profiting from virtual sales.


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